Grandfather clock
Laich of Moray Clocks - Clock Repairs, Restoraton and Servicing in MorayLaich of Moray Clocks - A Member of the British Watch & Clockmakers Guild
Clock Repair Workshop
This is where it all happens! Many of the clocks that arrive in the workshop are desperately in need of TLC, and have been neglected or not serviced for many years. During their lifespan, many clocks have been exposed to smoke from open fires, nicotine from cigarette smoke, investigation by family pets and small children, knocks from family life in general, and in some cases we have even had clocks which have suffered from the efforts of the Luftwaffe in WWII! All of these have an effect on a clock's serviceability.

Mechanical clocks ( particularly old and neglected ones ), regardless of their quality, will not operate like a modern quartz movement and need to be handled with care and forethought. We are sympathetic to your clock's needs and will endeavour to repair any problem at a minimal cost to you. Advice is free, please ring us, we love clocks, we want your clock to work, we want you to be happy!

A Member of the British Watch & Clockmakers Guild

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