Grandfather clock
Laich of Moray Clocks - Clock Repairs, Restoraton and Servicing in MorayLaich of Moray Clocks - A Member of the British Watch & Clockmakers Guild
A few comments from our customers:
Tony & Helen Allcott
Kevin has been a fantastic discovery as we have a passion for antique clocks. He has been able to mend several of our very old clocks and cares about his work. A skill like his is very rare these days, so we are very lucky to have found him.
Colette Bathurst
Extremely professional and friendly service. After inheriting my grandfather's Grandfather Clock, a much loved family heirloom, we were recommended to try Laich of Moray Clocks for some repairs and restoration. The clock had lost various bits of mechanism and the face had faded many years ago, and even making it go for any period had become a problem. My husband was keen to have it fully restored, but I was dubious as it was such an important part of my whole life I was very reluctant to change it at all, apart from getting it going reliably. Kevin came out to see the clock and got it going again quite easily. It was immediately obvious that he loves clocks and their mechanisms, and we could see that we could trust him. He explained carefully what could be done and then came back to us with a detailed quote. Eventually, we chose to have all the work done, even the clock face, as Kevin reassured me that it wouldn't look new, it would just look well cared for, for its age. Kevin went to enormous trouble, even to the extent of hand engraving the new second hand, as once the grime of the years had been removed from the hour and minute hands, you could see that they were engraved. Despite all my worries about the clock being different to my childhood memories, I can only say that as soon as I saw the restored clock I knew that was how it should look. I can hear its comforting tick as I write this, and I take great pleasure in its chime and all the other changes, which have brought it back to how it was made to be, so I can only say thank you for giving me the courage to go ahead, and for doing the job so brilliantly.

A Member of the British Watch & Clockmakers Guild

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