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Laich of Moray Clocks - Clock Repairs, Restoraton and Servicing in MorayLaich of Moray Clocks - A Member of the British Watch & Clockmakers Guild
We are primarily repairers of mechanical clocks. Our business is very much concerned with the restoration and conservation of these lovely old clocks. We repair most types and sizes of clocks from small carriage clocks to grandfather clocks, right through to large public clocks. We will attempt anything from standard wall and mantle clocks to cuckoo clocks, anniversary clocks and electric-mechanical clocks, and we are always happy to give advice on your clock's needs.

We do hold the right to refuse to work on a clock if we feel we are not able to do so competently, or if the owner wants us to do something which we feel is detrimental to the clock i.e. putting a quartz movement into a grandfather clock etc

We do not repair watches. ( We try to explain that it is like taking a sports car into a truck garage the principles are the same but the sizes are vastly different! )
Clock Repair Workshop

When completing a full overhaul, we like to provide a complete service, which not only includes restoring the movement, but also the case and dial ( where necessary ), so that the returned clock looks its best and can take pride of place back in your home. There are many ways in which we can restore your clock, whilst retaining all of its character and age. These clocks were built with loving care many years ago, and we like to reflect the same quality in our own craftsmanship. The high level of restoration that we constantly strive to achieve is the best compliment to those original craftsmen and the generations of proud owners throughout the clock's history.

All customers will receive a written estimate before work commences, and are encouraged to discuss their clocks problems and restoration with us from the outset. We want you to be happy throughout the restoration process.

A Member of the British Watch & Clockmakers Guild

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