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Laich of Moray Clocks - Clock Repairs, Restoraton and Servicing in MorayLaich of Moray Clocks - A Member of the British Watch & Clockmakers Guild
All the prices quoted below do not include the cost of spare parts and are only a guide to the average cost of repairs / restoration.
Please note that all jobs are individually priced before work commences, so that you know how much the repairs will cost before you agree to the work being done. In the event that additional faults come to light during repair, which would cause an increase in the estimated price, we would always contact you to discuss a revised price before carrying out any extra work. All repaired goods must be paid for on collection or delivery. Should payment not be received within 6 months of completion of the work, the item may be sold to defray the cost of the repairs.

Approximate Guide:

Light Service (Oil & Set up )
Oiled Only
from 45
Clean, Oil & Setup
from 75

Full Service on mass-produced clocks
Timepiece only - (1 Keyhole)
from 125
Strike (2 Keyholes)
from 185
Quarter Chiming (3 Keyholes)
from 250

Full Service - Antique Clocks click here to identify your clock type
from 150
from 200
from 450
from 200

Initial Inspection Fee all clocks brought to workshop
(Not paid if estimate accepted)
Home visit / Call out fee
from 45
Watch Battery Replacement
from 4
Quartz Conversion
from 25

Please note:
1. Estimates are given before any work is undertaken
2. We do not accept credit/debit cards, payment by cheque & cash only

A Member of the British Watch & Clockmakers Guild

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