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There are two main types of movement restoration.

Light Service: This is what we call a ‘light service’ or an ‘oil and set-up’. In this, the movement remains whole, any missing or damaged parts are repaired or replaced. Where possible, the old dirt and grease is removed and the movement and springs are oiled and greased as necessary. Often this is all that a movement needs to resume working. Owners of very worn or dirty movements will be advised if we believe that a full overhaul is necessary for the well-being of the clock and for good running potential.

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Full Service: This is a more major service. In this, the movement is completely stripped to its component parts. All parts are cleaned in an ultrasonic tank using a special cleaning fluid. Any wear in the pivots ( the ends on the wheel shafts ) is removed using a fine file. At the same time, any wear in the brass plates is removed by the insertion of small brass bushes. These are adjusted to give the correct amount of clearance to the wheel shafts, so that when the movement is re-assembled the clock will run properly. New parts can be made or supplied from specialist suppliers and manufacturers.

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After servicing and repair, all clocks are then run for a couple of weeks in the workshop, before being returned to you. This is in order for us to judge whether the service has done what it set out to do, and whether any minor adjustments are needed to ensure the good running of the clock.

A Member of the British Watch & Clockmakers Guild

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