Grandfather clock
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The majority of French clocks fall into two categories: the mantle clock and the carriage clock.

Mantle Clocks are generally made out of metal or marble. Many contain elaborate sculptures and are heavily decorated with brass or ormolu. Unlike the British clock industry, many different craftsmen would be involved in the clock production such as gilders, founders, engravers, enamellers as well as the clock maker. The majority of these clocks were made between 1800 and 1900. If accompanied by a pair of vases or candlesticks, the set is known as a Garniture. French Mantle Clock

Carriage Clocks were designed as a travelling clock and by 1850 were in large-scale production. They were a common wedding present in the UK from circa 1880 to 1915. They were often housed in neat leather and wood cases. The majority of these clocks were made in provincial France and sent to Paris for assembly and are therefore not marked with their makerís identification. There are different types of carriage clock: the plain timepiece that does not strike; the striking clock which strikes the hours; and the more complicated versions having repeat strike and alarms mechanisms. Highly decorated versions had inset enamel panels, beautiful engraving and subsidiary dials. Carriage Clock

A Member of the British Watch & Clockmakers Guild

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